Hand felted fashion art jewelry apple pin



Jewelry apple pin

Unique and gorgeous hand felted fashion art jewelry apple pin! This one of a kind handmade art work will be appreciated by people who love unique and extraordinary things, and want to make yourself or their friends a gift that will be unforgettable.

Use these one of a kind brooch as an accessory to help keep yo ur scarf in place, to dress up a purse or bag. It is perfect touch to casual or business outfit or delightful and extravagant touch to any wedding celebration.
It makes you exclusive and stylish like no one around you!

The brooch is made from fine merino wool using dry needle and wet felting technique and wire was used for the branches. It has a securely attached pin on the back.

It may be special and unique gift! Besides every item from the store, I’m sending in a special gift bag.

This brooch measures approximately 1.5X1.5 inches (4×4 cm)

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If you have questions about international shipping, just let me know and I will be sure to give a cheaper price.

If you want a different color or design feel free to send me an email, and in three days I will make and ship your order!

You can see my other pins here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetJRoom?ref=hdr_shop_menu§ion_id=16018136

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