Beautiful grey felted vest with pocket

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Wool Vest, Felted cape, grey, felted clothing, with pocket, felt wearable art ,SJR, sleeveless shawl

Unique beautiful grey felted vest with pocket. These wearing piece of art made by my original design.

This one of a kind handmade art work will be appreciated by people who love unique and extraordinary things, and want to make yourself or their friends a gift that will be unforgettable.Wool is suitable for all weather conditions. It insulates well in both hot and cold, and maintain steady body temperature regardless rk.

Great to throw on any season! This unique clothing will be magnificent part of your wardrobe! .
A great idea for a gift because it makes every woman exclusive, unique and stylish like no one around. Besides every item from the store, I’m sending in a special gift bag.

The whole process made by me in my studio using wet felting traditional technique from high quality Masham Roving and Bamboo Top.

Size M-L

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All items in my store are created by me using only natural materials with love and dedication. They are one-of-a-kind creations with variations that add depth and distinction.

How to wash: hand wash gently in warm soapy water.. Rinse, then squeeze or spin briefly to remove excess water,restore the garment to its original shape and leave it to dry on a hanger. Scrubbing or using the washing machine is not recommended. Iron with steam in a mode “wool”.

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If you have questions about international shipping, just let me know and I will be sure to give a cheaper price.

I’m open for custom orders with any color and size! I can felting top figure, for example your child’s initials. I will complete and ship a custom order within 2 weeks. I will not be able to recreate an identical pattern or design so it will be something slightly different, special and new. So right before I ship the order you will receive a picture of the item to make sure it is done to your liking.

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