Wet felted scarf-snood. Purple Snood with rivets


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 Wet felted scarf-snood. Purple Snood with rivets.

Wet felted scarf-snood is one of a kind hand felted stylish purple snood. It’s an exclusive wearable art made by my original design . This is handmade art work will be appreciated by people who love unique and extraordinary things, and want to make yourself or their friends a gift that will be unforgettable.

Wear this snood like a hood, oversize tube scarf, shoulder cozy, neck-warmer, it will add so much interest to your wardrobe! Snood has rivets on the side so scarf can be worn in various ways to give a different look for everyday . However you wear this scarf it is sure to keep you warm during the winter months because it is made from a very warm alpaca wool.
It is super soft, light, delicate and feels wonderful against skin. Natural wool is wonderful insulator in cold weather and it breathes when you are warm.

This snood is made using gentle wet felting technique from super-fine merino wool and decorated with viscose and has four rivets.
Unique and special art work.

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