You will not find here the usual “basket”, “payment”, “checkout”, because all these actions will be carried out in my shop on ETSY. These are my past works that have already been sold earlier, and those products that can currently be purchased at ETSY.
You can choose your favorite product immediately go to the website of the store ETSY, place an order for its manufacture or buy ready-made.

See the ETSY category.  

If the product is ready for sale, you will see a blue button ETSY that will send you to the page of this product in my store.
If the product is not available, you will see a pink button REQUEST A CUSTOM ORDER and you will send to the order page.

Contact me here on my ETSY shop 


Or You can email me on the Feedback page.

I’m open for custom orders with any color and size! I can felting top figure, for example your child’s initials. I will complete and ship a custom order within 1 week. I will not be able to recreate an identical pattern or design so it will be something slightly different, special and new. So right before I ship the order you will receive a picture of the item to make sure it is done to your liking.


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