*Hand felted wearable art from wool and silk*

My name is Jane and you are visiting the territory of my felting creativity from all possible kinds of wool and silk. In here you can buy and order different clothes and all kinds of different accessories that I’m making by hand with lots of love and creative thought.


Wool has incalculable possibilities and can be used not only in different clothing but also in different accessories like scarves and shawls, mittens and gloves, hats and other head coverage. You are also likely to find decorative supplements for home decor here. Surprisingly, it is possible to make variety of jewelry combinations that tend to come out very beautiful, light, soft and extraordinary. All of the chosen items will definitely attract lots of attention when worn on top of being natural, light, and comfortable. These items will definitely be a right gift for relatives and friends for any holiday and occasion.

Many of these items are made by nuno-felting technique with usage of natural fabric silk, that makes the given item very comfortable and appropriate for even summertime. And even a big day (weddingbridal) in lives of most people can be brightened with an accessory made of wool and silk.

Five years ago I became interested in felting but my first works were not as creative and neat as I expected. I really wanted to make my work beautiful and light and therefore I decided to attend special classes in Russia. There I learned how to make shawls, hats,  batik and nuno-felting. I became familiar with all sorts of different materials: different kids of wool (merino, alpaca, carded wool, masham roving), variety of 100% silk, viscose, that I now buy in USA as well in Germany, Russia and Kirghizia.Combination of these materials gives an item a special thin texture and therefore I now use all of my gained knowledge so I can fabricate a unique and special item that will look very neat and clean when finished.

I am felting for my kids, friends and myself and therefore can definitely speak for the quality and longevity of the item. Also it would make a point to mention that these products always end up being a subject of attention as they are very different from what you buy in a store as they are hand made and really sole and unique.

Visit my web site, chose what you like and feel free to ask me anything and everything that you are interested in or something that’s not clear. I will gladly answer all of the question and concerns and will be happy to perpend with you over your ideas and thoughts to come up with an exclusive and product especially for you.



In my blog you can read about the technique: wet felting, nuno-felting, fnd video about needle felting.

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