Felted gloves, mittensWhere to buy beautiful warm mittens for gift?

On my site!!!

Do you like the way your hands are warm? Well, keep it that way! With these handmade warm mittens made of high quality 100% natural wool, your hands will be sure to stay nice and warm all day long! It’s your choice to make them thicker and, of course, warmer, by adding alpaca wool.
I can make them any color of your liking, shorter or longer for the perfect fit, any design of your preferrence, or, to make the mittens really stand out, I can even add your personal initials! I can add any lace, shiny fabric, sequins, silk thread, beads, buttons or any other little details of your choice!

Look at this cute video that I made with my daughters about my mittens:

 ♫ Video ♫ 



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