Handpainted and nuno felted city silk fabric




Felted city silk fabric is exclusive handpainted  fabric will be a unique decoration of your projects and home decor!

Here you can see a short video about how I make this material, and small examples about how you can use this fabric:

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How to use felted city silk fabric?

Just use it as an art fabric for any of your craft projects. Many people like to put it on a wall as a decoration for the living room or kids room. But you can also make beautiful and soft pillows from it, or even cut it into pieces to make quilts, or use it for a part of a clothing design. Don’t worry about cutting the white edges to use for any bags or other accessories. You can even use it as a small scarf!

You can also order a pillowcase made of this particular piece of fabric. I’ll make the back side of the pillow from linen material with three buttons.

This is a unique Nuno-felted material! First I made a picture on a piece of Habotai silk (batik), and then felted it with super-fine merino wool. Due to silk a piece of fabric has a beautiful picture and shines, and thanks to the wool fabric has a soft and warm structure. Because of these properties, the fabric is very pleasant to to the body.

SIZE: 18” x 18″.

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With your special additions felted city silk fabric may be a unique gift! Besides every item from the store, I’m sending in a special gift bag.

Build your new project with one of a kind incredible fabric!

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If you have questions about international shipping, just let me know and I will be sure to give a cheaper price.

If you want a special size or your own design feel free to send me an email and we will discuss this if you like.

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