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Triangle springtime baktus. Nuno Felted Wool silk Accessory baktus

 Tender Dirty pink wool hand felted triangle scarf with silk ends.
This lovely wool accessory is multi-seasonal and can be worn in various ways to give a different look. It will look great as an accessory to the dress, any shirt, coat or jacket. It is very soft and pleasant to the body. It makes you exclusive, unique and stylish like no one around you!

This baktus is made using wet felting technique from super fine merino wool and decorated with fabric Silk and Silk threads. The scarf has long felted wool Strings with a beautiful decor on the ends.

A great idea for a gift because it makes every woman exclusive, unique and stylish like no one around! Besides every item from the store, I’m sending in a special handmade gift bag.

An approximate length without strings: 54″ (132cm)
Each string has an approximate length : 12″ (32)
At the widest point, the scarf has an approximate width: 21″ (50cm)

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One of a kind lilac and pink hand nuno felted baktus triangle scarf with silk roses and felted flowers at the ends of laces.
It will look great especially during the springtime.

This baktus is decorated with Tussah Silk, silk hankies and hand dyed silk fabric for the roses.
On the page of my blog you can read the steps was the implementation of this SPRINGTIME BAKTUS  scarf.

Fill Your image with luxury!

Triangle springtime baktus baktus

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In this video you see how you can make this scarf.