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I’m open for custom orders with any color and size! I can felting top figure, for example your child’s initials. I will complete and ship a custom order within 1 week. I will not be able to recreate an identical pattern or design so it will be something slightly different, special and new. So right before I ship the order you will receive a picture of the item to make sure it is done to your liking.


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Felted snood stylish Shibori scarf accessories merino wool

One of a kind handmade felted stylish Shibori snood.
Wear this snood like a hood, oversize tube scarf, shoulder cozy, neck-warmer, it will add so much interest to your wardrobe! However you wear this scarf it is sure to keep you warm during the winter months. A great idea for a gift because it makes every woman exclusive, unique and stylish like no one around.
FELTED SNOOD  SHIBORI SCARF super soft, light, delicate and feels wonderful against skin. Natural wool is wonderful insulator in cold weather and it breathes when you are warm.
This snood is made using gentle wet felting technique from super-fine merino wool and decorated with mulberry silk. For a decorative element used Shibori technique.

100% eco-friendly product. Unique and special art work.

You can choose an appropriate color wool and give preference to silk colors. I will make a snood just specially for you! Within 1 week I will make it and prepare for shipping.

All items in my store are created by me using only natural materials with love and dedication. They are one-of-a-kind creations with variations that add depth and distinction.

How to wash: You can wash it in warm water, but it is preferable to use a dry wash that would save the form.

They are also great as a gift.

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