Silk fabric batik Butterfly. Hand painted silk home decor



Silk fabric batik  Butterfly. Hand painted silk home decor

I want to present to you – my new product! Open up your imagination with this unique craft supply and create your own special project for your family or friends!

Here you can see a short video about how I make this material, and small examples about how you can use this nuno felted batic

It’s a hand painted by me silk fabric with a butterfly – batik. You can use this batik for different projects, for example: hang on the wall, use it for sewing, or making one of a kind home decor. If you will end edges, you can also use it as a scarf! The approximate size for this fabric with unfinished edge is 23”x23”.

I can also felt this material with wool for your another one of a kind craft supply. After this process, the size of fabric will be smaller , approximately 18”x18”.

From the felted fabric , I can make a pillow case.

All prices you can see at the price description box.

Any Item from my store I will make and put in a special bag for you. Therefore, it is an excellent idea for a gift!

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If you have questions about international shipping, just let me know and I will be sure to give a cheaper price.

If you want a special size or your own design feel free to send me an email and we will discuss this if you like.


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