Nuno felted silk shawl



Nuno felted silk shawls. Felted Scarf Nunofelt

One of a kind nuno felted elegant and stylish with pointed ends decorated with silk roses and lace!

This exceptional felted shawl will look great as an accessory to the dress, coat or jacket and it will add so much interest to your wardrobe! You can use it as an evening accessory and every day!
This felted shawl is super soft, light, delicate and feels wonderful against skin. Natural wool is wonderful insulator in cold weather and it breathes when you are warm.

This shawl is made using gentle nuno felting technique from super-fine merino wool and decorated with hand dyed silk fabric, silk hankies and viscose which gives a special shine. The pointed ends of the shawls decorated with silk roses and vintage lace.

It makes you exclusive, unique and stylish like no one around you!
Unique and special art work!

How to wash nuno felted shawl?

Hand wash gently in warm soapy water. Rinse, then squeeze or spin briefly to remove excess water, reshape and lay flat to dry. Scrubbing or using the washing machine is not recommended. Iron with steam in a mode “wool”

How to buy felted shawl handmade in the felt shop online?


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