Matryoshka Doll pin



Matryoshka Doll pin. Hand felted natural colors little Matryoshka Doll

These hand felted natural colors little Matryoshka Doll is unique and lovely wool accessory .

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This item is made to order. You can order similar work just let me know and we will discuss together. I will complete and ship a custom order within 1 week. I will not be able to recreate an identical pattern or design so it will be something slightly different, special and new. So right before I ship the order you will receive a picture of the item to make sure it is done to your liking. I will make it just specially for you!
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Use these felted pin to help keep your scarf in place, to dress up a purse or bag. It would look great on jackets, shawls, hats or just to dress up your favorite outfit. It makes you exclusive and stylish like no one around you!

The brooch is made from merino wool using needle felting technique. It has a securely attached pin on the back.

This brooch measures approximately 2 inches (5cm) in length and 1.3 inches (3cm) in width.

These gentle felted Matryoshka Doll pin will be a great present for everybody! You will get the order in a handmade bag, so You don’t need to worry about wrapping your gift.

I’m open for custom orders with any color and style! Within 3 days I will make it and prepare for shipping.